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Historical Exhibit

The Midland ACS Centennial Exhibit opened May 11, 2019 and closed December 22, 2019.

During that time, the gallery was open for visits on many weekends and throughout non-holiday weekdays. In addition, the exhibit was the venue for 14 group visits, and the following FREE adjunct events:

  • A chemistry stamp display and envelope cancellation event
  • Inventor’s forum
  • Senior chemist lunch with movie and speaker
  • Hands-on activities with polystsyrene foam
  • Halloween/National Chemistry Week hands-on event
  • Sam Kean presentation and Section Volunteer Appreciation
  • Hands-on activities with Saran wrap and other films
  • Holiday Science hands-on activities

The exhibit effort received National ACS recognition in the form of awards for Outstanding Senior
Chemist Activity, Promotion of Ethics in Chemistry and Outstanding Public Relations.

Future Plans

Plans are in place to open a new installation of the exhibit at Rowe Hall at Central Michigan University in
2021. Please continue to check the centennial website (www.midlandacs100.org), for current
information and relevant historical articles.

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