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Educational Videos

Educational Videos

The following are links to original section-sourced videos.  These are intended to provide information, offer ideas for some in-home activities, and give some educators material they might use in their classrooms.  If you have questions,  or need more information, please contact Gina Malczewski at reginamalczewski@gmail.com

Peter Sinclair (videographer): Here Today – Renewable Solutions to Climate Change

Concepts: Sustainability, renewable energy.

Paul Gross: The Scientific Truth About Global Warming

Concepts: Meteorology, data behind concerns about climate change.

Dana Kirk: The Food Waste Challenge – Opportunities and Technologies to Address the Global Problem

Concepts: Food waste; biofuels.

Sandra Svoboda: From Rust to Resilience – What Climate Change Means for Great Lakes Cities

Concepts: Climate issues that impact the Great Lakes: water use and conservation (several short segments related to info at https://www.greatlakesnow.org/2020/04/rust-resilience-climate-change-great-lakes-cities/Algal bloom, shoreline loss, freshwater access, etc.

Water and Purification

Concepts: Molecules, water facts, water cycle, states of matter, polarity, density, purification by “distillation”.

Polymers and Bioplastics

Concepts: Polymers, subunits, crosslinks, bioplastics, making water pods.

Carbon dioxide and Climate Change

Concepts: Sublimation, acidity, density.

Blue and Yellow

Concepts: Density, mixing, colors, identification of unknowns.

Slime vs. Silly Putty

Concepts: Polymers, crosslinking, properties, stretch, solubility, bounce.

Sticking with Chemistry: How and Why Things Stick

Concepts: Adhesion, cohesion, effects of temperature and surfaces; physical adhesion.

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