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Education Awards

Education Awards

Each year at a spring banquet, the Midland Section recognizes excellence in science teaching, outstanding chemistry students (nominated by teachers), local Chemistry Olympiad students, and the outstanding science education volunteer. Every other year an award for efforts toward diversity in science education is presented.

Achievement in Science Teaching Awards

These awards are presented in recognition of outstanding achievement in the teaching of the chemical sciences. Candidates for the teaching awards must be educators at schools in the five county geographical area of the Midland Section: Bay, Gratiot, Isabella, Midland, and Saginaw counties. Awards are presented for Outstanding Achievement in the following areas:

  • Elementary Level Science Education
  • Middle Level Science Education
  • High School Chemistry Teaching
  • College Chemistry Teaching

Science Education Volunteer

This award is presented to an individual who makes a substantial contribution to science learning in the Midland Section through voluntary efforts.

Current history of all recipients

Early each year, a flyer is available with more details about the upcoming dinner and a form for registration. Please contact the Awards Chair for details (Diana Deese: nynee@aol.com).

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